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SaaS - $65/seat

Monthly Commitment

5 seat minimum with extra seats available.

AWS keeps your data safe on the Cloud.

$325 per month
Includes 5 seats/users
Additional seats available at $65 each

Launch ETA: Sep 2017

SaaS - $50/seat

Yearly Commitment

5 seat minimum with extra seats available.

AWS keeps your data safe on the Cloud.

$3,000 per year
Includes 5 seats/users
Additional seats available at $600 each

Launch ETA: Sep 2017

Boxed Product

In-House install

5 seats included with extra seats available at $100/ea.

Plug-and-play Intel NUC ready to go out of the box

$4,000 license fee
Includes 5 seats/users
$1,000/year for updates and email support

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"For years we had managed our stock the old-fashioned way - with a pen and a clipboard and two bodies. We would input the data into a spread sheet I had tweaked to track all my measurables. I thought it was working well enough and did not want to move away from that for an unknown. The Tools Group helped me to upgrade to the Stockpiler management system, and after a short time I was getting much more useful and reliable data with ten percent of the leg work. It didn't take long for me to see the massive potential. Now Stockpiler is integrated to communicate with my accounting software and my ordering applications which has allowed me to boost sales and keep supply levels just right. I really can't imagine operating without it!"

- Lane Robbins, TenGauge Fastener Supply

"My husband and I began as a team of two catering for small events, but twelve years later we had nearly sixty employees and were running four to five events on weekends. Life had entirely become work and the logistics of off-site planning and execution was overwhelming the entire management staff. It had gotten to the point where we thought scaling back might be more profitable and much less stressful. But we heard about Stockpiler and we gave it a try, thankfully. We are more efficient, more profitable, and exceptionally more relaxed. Recently we successfully hosted seven events in two days while my husband and I were on a trip. It has changed our business and our lives."

- Mary Dobson, Epiphany Catering Co.

"For over four decades, I have been raising various plants in a nursery and I was wanting to modernize my business and nursery logistics. At first, I didn't understand how a computer might help me raise living plants, but Stockpiler's inventory tracking has made my whole operation more efficient. We always know what we want and have and can keep track of huge orders without hassle. It really took the frustration and guesswork out of the business side and gives me more time to focus on what I love doing most - growing healthy plants. I can't honestly say enough good things about it!"

- Earl Edwards, Downriver Farms

"I recommend Stockpiler to any business that wants to get organized. Twelve years ago, I started a tree trimming company with my uncle. Now we have seventy employees and struggled to keep things organized for months before considering specialty software. We had some vital systems in place but really wanted to get someone who could tailor something functional to our operation. A competitor recommended we start tracking tools, trucks, and job sites with Stockpiler. They integrated their software with ours and made managing assets, billing, and logistics much easier as well."

- Trevor Muncey, Northwest Tree Care